Zum deutschen Text wechselnFascinating this wind...

Omnipresent and yet cannot see or access to it.
The result of an interaction of the forces of nature - nothing more! And yet it causes so much.

I often deal with its effects and let myself drift with my thoughts.

His versatility is impressive to me. Free and at ease he moves about our earth and carries seeds, animals, smells, elements and words in his luggage.
With full force he changes constantly my visual perception and the feeling inside me when I meet him.
May it be the breath of air, I can feel when a door closes or someone blows in my ear... May it be the soughing of the leaves in a forest, I hear, or the storm, that bursts the whole forests…

A very special moment for me is, when I'm sitting at clear, calm, sunny sea at my sister in Italy. Nothing special thinking as if by magic a wind comes up and transforms the smooth lake in a surging sea… brings clouds and creates great white waves. The spray whips on the exposed rock and the sun refracts the water drops in all colors.
As if someone pressed a button, it suddenly just so teeming with surfers, Sky surfers and sightseers.
From everywhere cars appear, packed with boards, sails and more. Music sounds across from the car radios and mixes with the other actions in the sand. The beach with all its visitors turns into an outdoor cinema. Colorful sailboats decorate the sea, the sky and the beach.
However the wind does not linger on his journey. And as fast as the life had come, so quickly it disappears. What remains are my sister and I and the view to a cloudless sky...

As every child knows, it is also the wind that allowed us very early, to discover the world by sailing ship.
Also, on this topic one could write a lot, but I would prefer to tell a little story on the subject of sailing boat out of my environment...

My granny came to Hamburg during the war and had fallen in love immediately in this beautiful city with all the pulsating life at the harbor. A side street of the Reeperbahn became the hometown for her and her brother for a few years.
Often they stayed in the warehouse district or the piers. The bustle, the comings and goings, this freedom to travel across the sea and see other worlds were always anchored in her heart. Sometimes she talks about these times and I see the sparkle in their eyes that I like so much.
Now that she can look back on many years of her life, the possibilities of traveling are of course very limited. And so it happened - we were once again on the way to my sister's beautiful Cilento, that she begged: "Sylvie, please say hello to the sea. Spit once into it and let swim a boat for me. I imagine I would be on board. "
She was very sad because she knew, she would never see the sea and her beloved Italy which she once visited with us...
And also I was sad, because it is so immutable. Of course we built lots of paper boats - each with individual names as Baccio, amore, sole, fantasia -

And on a very particularly beautiful day when the wind was favorable, we let them swim in the water
The thoughts quite firmly with our "wild Hilde" (forgive dear grandma).

Considering that the wind is not tangible, it can be quite poignant, in whatever direction one wants to look at with him. If I ever relate this phenomenon to me

I am the wind of my artworks!

And if you're thinking, "... the woman is “through the wind" as we say in German which means something like this: I am in a tizzy, I am crazy or not sorted in my thoughts and behavior etc., the following is warmly recommended:

Sailboats must "go through the wind" when cruising, that means, make a turn, so that the wind no longer swells the sails but blows from the front, until the ship has again turned into the wind, which inflates the sail now from the other side. Even with the dinghies is not always easy, much harder still with large windjammers, because the beating of the sails can destroy them; the lack of wind pressure makes the ship harder to maneuver. It is a quite demanding, sometimes dangerous maneuver.
If you are "through the wind", you've made it.

Wind conversation

Have you never seen the world?
Hammerfest - Vienna - Athens?

"No, I only know this valley,
I'm only a local wind. 
Do you know Kuntzens ballroom?"

No, child. 
Servus! Do it! 
Cologne - Paris - Lisbon.

Christian Morgenstern (1871-1914)

My favorite music concerning the wind: Nina Hagen – der Wind / the wind

The wind told me a song

Alone I am in the night, my soul is guarding and listening. Heart, do you hear how it sounds, singing in the palms and rushes…
The wind told me a song that tells of a fortune, unspeakably beautiful. He knows what my heart is missing, for whom it beats and glows. He knows for whom. Come, come, Oh. The wind told me a song of a heart that I lack. 
At sea, I was often in the evening and I was hoping for what? 
I saw colorful birds passing by- oh, my happiness cracked like glass. The wind told me a song that tells of a fortune, unspeakably beautiful. He knows what my heart is missing, for whom it proposes and glows. He knows for whom. Come, come, Oh. The wind told me a song of a heart that I lack.

Text: Bruno Balz
From the film: La Habanera (D, 1937) Director: Detlef Sierck Starring: Zarah Leander, Ferdinand Marian, Karl Martell

I'm really happy about the following post and the wonderful image of EMIL PESTEL, a great fellow artist.

Such a great idea concerning the theme “wind” you have first to find ... great!!

Cream Puffs

Ingredients for the dough (makes about 12 puffs)

Ingredients for the filling

Preparation (about 90 minutes)

Preheat the oven to 200 ° C Preheat (fan oven 180 ° C without preheating). For the dough ¼ liter of water to boil with the butter and salt.
Stir the dough 3 to 4 minutes with a wooden spoon, until it is released in a lump from the bottom of the pot. Remove the dough from the oven, let cool slightly. Then gradually stir in the eggs with an electric mixer. Brush a baking sheet with oil (or baking paper). Set 12 piles of dough with a spout or a spoon on it and put the sheet on the middle shelf level in the oven. Bake them about 20 min until they are golden brown. Then remove and let cool. Meanwhile, for the filling clean the raspberries. Whip the cream until stiff and sweeten with vanilla sugar. Cut the puffs transversely with scissors, spread on the bottom cream and raspberries. Place the lid on top and serve dusted with icing sugar, the cream puffs.

Followed you in the wind

Followed you in the wind, your hair flew. 
Clouds came wild, as if the mountains pull them
And on our stormy evening underway 
The wind refused under your veil 
Close to your cheek. 
Pressed your clothes to the knee 
Will keep 'you 
As an admirer whose hands are 
Folding around your body. 
As a dancer whirls, he want to delight you 
But you - laughing at him, turns his back. 
And the wind is running alongside, goes around your temples 
Must bark in the dark like a rejected dog. 

Max Dauthendey
From the collection Songs of Transience

Laundry in the wind

If the wind romps fields and meadows,
He has his fun anywhere,
But he prefers teasing the Liese
With a treacherous attack.
When she wants to hang her stuff on the line,
He drags: Liese, this shirt is mine!
For each sheet Liese must contend
Each piece will be conquered.
And when the Whirlwind finally declares it as lost,
He still hits the wet stuff around her ears:
There, dear Liese, hang it on and be good.

Gustav Falke, 1902
From the collection of high summer days